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technical and specialized translations
legalized translations


  • personal diplomas or certificates (Bachelor / Master Diplomas, high school or university curricula etc.)

  • companies' incorporation documents (Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, contracts, power of attorney, court minutes, Trade Register Excerpts);

  • Registrar's Office documents, judicial and administrative documents (birth, marriage and death certificates, court rulings, power of attorney, sale - purchase agreements, leasing contracts, service agreements, free lease (commodate) contracts etc.);

Our company also ensures the legalization and authentication by the Notary Public for our translations.

An authenticated (legalized) translation is made by a translator licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice, and legalized by a notary. We charge no additional fees apart from the Notary's fee paid by us upon submittal of the respective document for authentication. However, we do spare you the time implied by a visit to the Notary's office.

*Such translations are made only against the original documents (not against photocopies). Consequently, such translations may not be sent over by email or fax.